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Curl Activator Lotion By Dr. DONNIE CANNON 32 ounces

Curl Activator Lotion By Dr. DONNIE CANNON 32 ounces

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Imagine unleashing your curls with the swagger and charm that only Old Skool Dr. Donnie's Curl Activator can offer! Created by the legendary American Black scientist Dr. Donnie Cannon back in the '60s, this curl activator isn't just a throwback—it's a throwdown. It's all about giving your curls the spotlight, making them pop like never before. Enriched with moisturizers that dive deep to hydrate, it adds body and manageability, leaving your hair softer and shinier. Channel the spirit and genius of Dr. Cannon every time you flaunt those glorious curls. Dr. Donnie's isn't just a product; it's a legacy, wrapped up in every bottle, ready to bring out the best in your hair. Let's keep his vision alive and let those curls thrive!

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