Collection: Curl Activator Lotion By Dr. DONNIE CANNON

Introducing the Old Skool Dr. Donnie's Curl Activator Collection, a tribute to the pioneering spirit of Dr. Donnie Cannon. This line is specially formulated to unleash the natural beauty and vitality of your curls. Each product in this collection embodies the legacy of an iconic American Black scientist whose innovations in the '60s revolutionized hair care.

Old Skool Dr. Donnie's Curl Activator (16 oz)** - Perfect for regular use, this size is ideal for individuals looking to define and enhance their curls daily. It moisturizes, adds body, and brings out that incredible shine, making your hair as manageable as it is mesmerizing.

Old Skool Dr. Donnie's Curl Activator (32 oz)** - A great choice for the dedicated curl enthusiast, this larger bottle ensures you have a plentiful supply of your favorite curl activator. It’s perfect for those who know that maintaining beautiful curls is a full-time affair.

Each bottle from the Old Skool Collection not only helps your curls reach their full potential but also honors the lasting impact of Dr. Cannon's work. Choose your size and let your curls do the talking!