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NU-GRO "Baby & Kid's" Hair-GRO System

NU-GRO "Baby & Kid's" Hair-GRO System

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NU-GRO Baby & Kids Hair Gro System

System includes all 4 steps for Children, Babies and Toddlers kit. These products have been specially formulated for the needs of children, toddlers and babies. Babies should be at least 6 months old before using NU-GRO.

       Step 1: Hair-GRO Sulfate-Free "Gentle Wash" Shampoo (ALL NATURAL). Shake, massage in, wash and rinse, twice. Do as often as needed for babies and toddlers (6 months to age 2). For children older than age 2, use at least 2-3 times per week. Avoid baby's eyes. If product gets into eyes, flush well with water. As always, keep this and other products away from children.

     Step 2: Hair-GRO Conditioner. After shampooing, apply to hair. Wait 1 minute and rinse out. Repeat. Towel dry hair. This step is not necessary for children younger than 2 years old. Helps make hair silky smooth, manageable and easy to comb as well as helping to repair any damaged hair.

     Step 3: Hair-GRO "Gentle Care" Detangling/Moisturizing Spray. (ALL NATURAL). Daily, spray Hair-GRO spray on hair, or apply by hand. Helps instantly detangle hair and keeps the child/toddler's hair moisturized all day, makes the hair more manageable and will help strengthen the hair shaft, thicken the hair and help stop shedding/breaking.

     Step 4: Hair-GRO Oil. (ALL NATURAL). Daily, apply to thinning/balding areas of the scalp. Helps hair to quickly grow.

Follow these 4 steps to longer, thicker healthier hair for babies, toddlers and children. This kit helps grow, thicken, strengthen, lengthen and fill in hair. Makes hair more manageable, soft, silky and smooth - and gives a nice shine. These products are all packed with natural herbs and vitamins.
*** For babies and children with oily hair, consider Step1 "Gentle Wash Shampoo" and Step2 "Conditioner" ONLY. You can purchase these separately by clicking "Shop" then "Babies & Kids".
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